A different kind of support

support_blueFor those using AdRotate Pro and who have used the ticket system recently may have noticed that responses haven’t been as forthcoming as they used to. This pretty much comes down to me hating the damn thing. Not providing the support, but the system itself. It’s a giant mess of slow scripts and inefficient workflows.


The ticket system is used for anything involving a purchase and support for those purchases. So if you bought AdRotate Pro, WooCommerce Merchant e-Solutions or another plugin… You could get help via the ticket system. Starting this week you’re encouraged to use email instead.

Simpler things are better

Originally I had a simpler ticket system which in itself worked fine but it got riddled with spam. osTicket, which we use now, was supposed to fix that because it has a rule system and a HTTP API. The tickets you sent from your dashboard did not generate an email but were inserted directly into the database via some API. This was great. but worked confusing on some ends and people ended up using email anyway. Rendering the whole ticket system moot.


AdRotate Pro 3.13 which was released on Monday June 22nd has a new form, sending a formatted email again. Directly to my inbox. All emails will be marked yellow so I know it’s you having a question. Basically this will work the same as the tickets, just without the tickets in between.
Other plugins will be updated shortly.

We’ll see if this works better… It certainly should be faster 🙂