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Site changes, updates and new manuals

logo-250x150Over the past week I’ve been working on some smaller updates to the site to cater to some people complaining about VAT. The terms and conditions are now more clear and easier to read. There are some new manuals and some plugins are on sale.

VAT/Tax/Monetary nonsense

Some people complained about having to pay VAT all of the sudden. Others seemed confused by VAT and a bunch more didn’t even know what it is.

VAT is Value Added Tax. It’s a government tax, charged in most countries of the world (as far as I know). For new customers VAT may show on your cart and during checkout, but the amount may be off. As soon as you select your country the VAT will be updated to what it should be.

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Facebook Chat for questions and support

Starting this week as a soft of experiment I’ll be available on Facebook for your basic support questions about my plugins and services. Notably Facebook chat. Their on-site messaging system via the AJdG Solutions page is a bit wonky. But chat works fairly easy. I’ve been using it for some time now and think I can use it to both our benefit 🙂

Get in touch

To make sure I get your message, add me to your friends. Just search for “Arnan de Gans” on facebook and look for my face.


Just hit me up, send me a message and check back for a reply when you can. Obviously I won’t be online all day or every day, but I’ll usually check Facebook at least once a day. And lastly, if you’re going to be a dick you will get ignored and reported for spam or griefing.

How to use Facebook Chat

Of-course using the tiny screens on Facebook isn’t very practical. But there are other ways.
You can enlarge the chat screen-thingy on the site.


Or you can use a desktop client, like I do. Which, in my opinion is far superior.
And that may look something like this.


I use Goofy for Mac OS X Myself. If you use Microsoft Windows or some Linux version you can check out Messenger for Desktop instead.

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Adjusted bounce rate and track 404 page requests in Piwik Analytics

Over the last few days I’ve been doing some research about how Piwik Analytics reports bounce rates – The same way as Google Analytics – and what to do about it.

Recently I launched a satellite site as a sort of landingpage for AdRotate Pro to drop the bounce rate on my primary site. But then, since the landingpage has no other pages the bounce rate there was 100%. Just because there are no more pages than the front-page.

Heartbeat timer

To try and counter that Piwik Analytics has introduced a heartbeat timer in their latest version of Piwik. I found this in their API documentation and was recommended to me on the forums when asking about it.

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Manuals for AdRotate updated

advertisingToday I’ve finally, at long last, created a bunch of manuals for Mobile Adverts and HTML5 Adverts.

For both of these some improvements and support got added last month and never got around to actually documenting things. Today I did.

Check out the Mobile Adverts manual here, and the HTML5 adverts manual here.

Of-course, if you have any questions or having trouble setting things up. Check out the forums.

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AdRotate Geo Targeting regions.

logo-512x512AdRotate Pro keeps on growing, which is great! For the next version I’m looking to make it a bit more easy to set up Geo Targeting countries. This is of-course aimed at setting up regional banners more easily.

Currently I have this:

This means that with one click you can select all of Europes countries.
And with another click you select the United States and Canada.

What other regions should AdRotate Pro include?
North/South Europe? Parts of Asia? Africa?

If you can suggest your region and the countries that includes via the contact form or forum I’ll have a look at it and possibly include it in the next version. Be sure to specify the countries you want included in a region.

Thanks for your feedback!