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Facebook Chat for questions and support

Starting this week as a soft of experiment I’ll be available on Facebook for your basic support questions about my plugins and services. Notably Facebook chat. Their on-site messaging system via the AJdG Solutions page is a bit wonky. But chat works fairly easy. I’ve been using it for some time now and think I can use it to both our benefit 🙂

Get in touch

To make sure I get your message, add me to your friends. Just search for “Arnan de Gans” on facebook and look for my face.


Just hit me up, send me a message and check back for a reply when you can. Obviously I won’t be online all day or every day, but I’ll usually check Facebook at least once a day. And lastly, if you’re going to be a dick you will get ignored and reported for spam or griefing.

How to use Facebook Chat

Of-course using the tiny screens on Facebook isn’t very practical. But there are other ways.
You can enlarge the chat screen-thingy on the site.


Or you can use a desktop client, like I do. Which, in my opinion is far superior.
And that may look something like this.


I use Goofy for Mac OS X Myself. If you use Microsoft Windows or some Linux version you can check out Messenger for Desktop instead.