AdRotate Professional

Professional advertising software for your WordPress website in the shape of AdRotate®. A household name for advertising for many. With thousands of active installations, AdRotate® is one of the most popular advertising plugins for WordPress. Start making money today with AdRotate!

WordPress and WooCommerce

Handy plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that focus on ease of use and security, as well as making WooCommerce more effective. Enhance website security or improve your WooCommerce setup so your life as a merchant becomes more easy and profitable.

AdRotate Pro
€ 39
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
One site license
Easy advertising
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AdRotate Pro
€ 49
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
Two sites license
Monetize WordPress
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Single Page Checkout
€ 10
Checkout Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin
Merge cart and checkout
Easier checkout for customers
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WordPress Installation
€ 22,50
Professional Service
Your own website
Get started with WordPress
Setup and configuration
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Recent news & articles

No-Bot Registration 1.7.3 available now!

A small update for No-Bot Registration including some important changes. The dashboard has been moved to the Tools menu. And the blacklist now actually works. In certain combinations of settings it would let wrong-doers through. But not anymore! Read more »

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.5.1 – Available now!

A small update improving internationalisation a bit. Adding more translation files and better support for them. All translation files have been updated to include all current strings in the plugin. Read more »

AdRotate Professional 5.5 – No more double adverts!

This is an important update which aims to add more diversity to your adverts. I’ve added a basic filter to prevent adverts from showing more than once on the same page. Also the advert error states have been improved a bit with more clear notifications. Read more »

AdRotate Banner manager 5.5 – Available now!

This update removes a lot of unused debug code. Which overall should improve the speed of the plugin a bit (just a tiny bit). Also the installation script has been optimised to better check for existing tables. And more visibly the dashboard widgets got fixed and should now show up correctly. Read more »

What others say about my plugins

AdRotate is a very easy-to-use wp plugin that simply works very well.

Thank you for providing a plugin that has the FREE options to do the rotation, display, grouping, click counters, paid listings, the whole job to get it off the ground – not just tease people with the potential once they pay a huge monthly fee!