AdRotate Professional

Professional advertising software for your WordPress website in the shape of AdRotate®. A household name for advertising for many. With thousands of active installations, AdRotate® is one of the most popular advertising plugins for WordPress. Start making money today with AdRotate!

WordPress and WooCommerce

Handy plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that focus on ease of use and security, as well as making WooCommerce more effective. Enhance website security or improve your WooCommerce setup so your life as a merchant becomes more easy and profitable.

AdRotate Pro
€ 39
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
One site license
Easy advertising
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AdRotate Pro
€ 49
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
Two sites license
Monetize WordPress
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Single Page Checkout
€ 10
Checkout Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin
Merge cart and checkout
Easier checkout for customers
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WordPress Installation
€ 22,50
Professional Service
Your own website
Get started with WordPress
Setup and configuration
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Recent news & articles

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.6.2 – Available now!

This update also focuses on streamlining the AdRotate Banner Manager experience and reverses the recent date format change back to what it was. This will make scheduling your adverts more intuitive across all locales and end-dates should save more reliable. Read more »

AdRotate Professional 5.6.4 – Fixed end-dates, more reliable update routine!

This update again focuses on streamlining the AdRotate Professional experience and improves a number of things in the dashboard. But more importantly it fixes the date pickers end dates and localization. We’re reversing to the old system that uses dd-mm-yyyy instead of named months. Another important change is the update routine going forward. More below. Read more »

How I reconsidered the use of Google services

Over the years I’ve been using all kinds of online services without thinking too much about it. I’ve been all over social media, forums, online stores. Opening accounts left and right. And for what… For a long time I enjoyed the internet, to be included. Only to get entangled in this magical thing called the […] Read more »

WooCommerce Plugins updated for WooCommerce 3.8.1

The plugins WooCommerce Paypal Surcharge, WooCommerce Stripe Surcharge, WooCommerce Single Page Checkout and WooCommerce Payment Gateway Stats have all been updated for WooCommerce 3.8.1. An extra check has been added to see if WooCommerce is actually active as well. Read more »

What others say about my plugins

Does what's actually needed. Easy to use and fast to learn.

AdRotate is a very easy-to-use wp plugin that simply works very well.