AdRotate Professional

Professional advertising software for your WordPress website in the shape of AdRotate®. A household name for advertising for many. With thousands of active installations, AdRotate® is one of the most popular advertising plugins for WordPress. Start making money today with AdRotate!

WordPress and WooCommerce

Handy plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce that focus on ease of use and security, as well as making WooCommerce more effective. Enhance website security or improve your WooCommerce setup so your life as a merchant becomes more easy and profitable.

AdRotate Pro
€ 39
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
One site license
Easy advertising
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AdRotate Pro
€ 49
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
Two sites license
Monetize WordPress
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Single Page Checkout
€ 10
Checkout Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin
Merge cart and checkout
Easier checkout for customers
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WordPress Installation
€ 22,50
Professional Service
Your own website
Get started with WordPress
Setup and configuration
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Recent news & articles

AdRotate Professional 5.6.1 – Bugfixes and stuff…

Another important, albeit smaller than the last. This update fixes a number of quirks and silly bugs including the false message that certain licenses are expired. Geo Targeting Cookies have been replaced with actual sessions which caused another bug for the recently included duplicate advert feature, and that got fixed too. Read more »

WooCommerce Plugins updated

Today WooCommerce 3.8 was released. Another immense list of changes and bugfixes that makes you wonder how the plugin worked in the first place. But a lot of good things have changed I guess… I’ve been testing my WooCommerce plugins today and found them all compatible with both WordPress 5.3 and WooCommerce 3.8. This includes; […] Read more »

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.6 available now!

A small update fixing a few quirks in the dashboard. Optimizing a few workflows and overall has a lot of small changes in the background of the plugin. A useful update to stay current with features and how they work. A number of manuals on my website have been updated over the last 2 weeks […] Read more »

AdRotate Professional 5.6 – Better media management, better updates!

An important update for managing assets. The Media Manager is finally able to upload and unpack zip files. This means that, if you want to, you can now simply upload the zip file from your advert and have AdRotate Professional set up the files. Piwik support got replaced with proper Matomo Analytics support. And a […] Read more »

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I strongly recommend this plugin. Excellent work!

We depend on Ad Rotate for all of our ad placements. It is the core of our revenue.