Monetize your website with AdRotate. The popular ad manager for WordPress. WordPress and ClassicPress plugins that focus on convenience and security.

AdRotate Pro
€ 39
Banner manager
Make advertising simple
One site license
Easy advertising
WordPress & ClassicPress
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AdRotate Pro
€ 49
Banner manager
Take control of your ads
Two sites license
Increase revenue
WordPress & ClassicPress
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Single Page Checkout
€ 10
Checkout Plugin
Simplify checkout
Merge cart and checkout
WooCommerce plugin
Classic Commerce plugin
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PayPal Surcharge
€ 10
Payment plugin
Paypal is expensive
Add a handling fee to orders
WooCommerce plugin
Classic Commerce plugin
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Latest updates

AdRotate Pro 5.8.24 - Tweaks and fixes

Tuesday September 13, 2022
More tweaks and little improvements to the plugin to further streamline the advertising experience. Stats checkboxes now work more intuitively and certain functions are excluded from running for WP CLI and wp-cron to optimize performance [...] Continue reading »

Paypal Surcharge and Stripe Surcharge updated

Wednesday August 31, 2022
Paypal Surcharge and Stripe Surcharge have been updated to work with current WooCommerce versions. Added support for Subscriptions and improves support for Classic Commerce a lot. Both plugins received the same overhaul to better support [...] Continue reading »

AdRotate Pro 5.8.23 for WordPress - Maintenance release

Sunday August 14, 2022
A few small tweaks and improvements to fine-tune and improve AdRotate Professional for you even further. The Premium support pages has been update to reflect current support options. A few dashboard tweaks and all translations [...] Continue reading »

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.26 - Available today!

Tuesday July 19, 2022
This update is mostly a maintenance release and consists of several tweaks and small changes to let the plugin function better and more safe. The advert generator now properly looks for images on several levels [...] Continue reading »

Plugin reviews

I found that the Author was very responsive with Fixes and ready to Help. The Plugin works great and solves many of the application issues I needed.

I've used AdRotate for years to display banners on multiple site. The plugin is very well supported (the developer constantly upgrades it), has all the banner management features I need and has always performed with no problems. I run a WordPress training site for non-technical users and this is one of the plugins I highly recommend in our training tutorials.