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Show Review for WooCommerce

Another handy little plugin for WooCommerce. This time to show a random review on any page. If you want to convince your customers of your awesome products or services you can do so with reviews. Collecting reviews on products is fine. Perhaps you have a widget to show them in a sidebar… But now you can also show them on any page or post.

Show Review adds a Shortcode to WordPress which you can use in posts, pages and text widgets and a random review from your WooCommerce products rolls out. A different one on every page load. Super simple, no setup required other than adding the Shortcode where you want a review to show.

Check out the Show Review for WooCommerce plugin here:

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Delete Orders for WooCommerce

Today I’m releasing a new plugin for WooCommerce to keep order in your shop. If you get abandoned orders regularly. Or want to get rid of Cancelled or Failed orders. This plugin is for you.

This simple plugin adds a few options to your WooCommerce settings to automatically delete Pending, Cancelled or Failed orders after a couple of days. No hassle, no difficulty. When a visitor abandons their order a timer is set. When the timer runs out the order gets deleted. Simple as that.

You can skip any of the order types. For example, to not delete Pending orders. Or you can choose a time amount of days before the order should be deleted.

Check out the Delete Orders for WooCommerce plugin here:

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AdRotate Professional 5.7 – Fixing all the bugs and new widgets!

This update has many bugfixes and tweaks to make your overall user experience better. Many bugs have been tested by users already in their specific use case. Mostly to support older or less common PHP versions. Next to that, a big request over the last few months was to make widgets great again… So AdRotate Professional 5.7 has that. Great widgets.

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