A Media.net offering – Monetize your site!

Recently I approached a number of advertising networks for an affiliate deal in combination with AdRotate and/or AdRotate Pro. One of the few who responded was Media.net. The others didn’t reply or I was directed to be the 13th in a dozen affiliate. I signed up for a few and ran a few affiliate banners for a few updates of AdRotate.

When I learned a bit more about those advertising networks, Media.net stood out as a very suitable replacement or alternative for Google Adsense. Offering similar features and relevant adverts. So I emailed them and asked if we could work together with a few things. They thought it was interesting and provided banners and text to use that suited AdRotate and AdRotate Pro – Since the dashboard has some non-standard sizes for that kinda stuff.

My initial motivation for seeking out some of these networks is to provide a better offering of adverts for new publishers. I recognized the problem of people not knowing what to do when they start monetizing their site. Many would default to Google Adsense and be done with it. The world is bigger than Google, honestly. And it’s more fun without Google, too.

So, consider the following…

About Media.net

Media.net is the #2 largest contextual ads platform in the world that provides its publishers with an exclusive access to the Yahoo! Bing Network of advertisers and six billion dollars worth of search demand.

Similar to Google Adsense, Media.net adverts are contextual and therefor always relevant to your content. The adverts are also native by design and highly customizable, delivering a great user experience and higher CTRs.

Why YOU should use Media.net

You get your own Account Manager at Media.net who can help you every step of the way with suggestions that will help you increase your revenue potential.
If you don’t particularly like Google (Adsense), Media.net is the #1 alternative to Google Adsense and works very well with most revenue strategies you may use.

Exclusive offer for AdRotate users

As an AdRotate user, signing up with Media.net will earn you 10% more, over and above your regular earnings for your first 3 months.
Sign up for Media.net today!

Note: I’m an affiliate for Media.net. The links in this article and elsewhere are affiliate links. I get a small signup bonus for new publishers.