AdRotate 3.11.5

logo-512x512AdRotate received number of improvements and tweaks to make it more stable, faster and with better Post Injection.

The before and after setting in Post Injection usually worked fine but the ‘between paragraphs’ usually didn’t. This should now work much better. Paragraphs are now properly recognised and adverts are inserted between them much faster now. Because of the new system the stray advert that got inserted at the end of your content should be a thing of the past, too.


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  • [tweak] Minor tweaks and improvements to dashboards
  • [fix] More accurate regexes for AdRotate Tracker
  • [fix] Ambiguous array match in post injection
  • [fix] Unwanted advert after content with post injection on some settings
  • [i18n] Updated strings for all language files