AdRotate 3.11.7

logo-512x512Some changes and improvements to Post Injection and the plugin in general. Post Injection finally got dealt with and has been redone to work more reliably.

HTML5 advert support has been improved a bit with usable examples next to the adcode. AdRotate Pro has even further improved support for HTML5 adverts making the uploading of assets even easier.


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  • [new] More ‘after paragraph’ options for Post Injection
  • [change] Removed all ‘every N paragraph’ options for post injection
  • [fix] Responsive class overwriting existing html classes
  • [fix] Post Injection cutting off content at the end of posts
  • [fix] Impression timer not always accurate for some users
  • [fix] Timezone notation not always valid
  • [i18n] New and updated strings