AdRotate 3.12.2

It took a while to figure out but with some help from Austria we managed to get the cities/state filter working a bit more accurately.

In some configurations the states were not filtered out correctly. For others it didn’t always work for cities. This happened because of a function treating the array to check differently than it should. This has now been improved.

On top of that, services not reporting a Geo Lookup quota are now excluded from the quota notifications.


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  • [fix] No longer apply geo lookup quota for services that don’t report a quota
  • [tweak] Better filter logic for geo cities/states



Updates are available through your dashboard if you use version 3.12 or newer.
You can download updates manually from your account on this website if you do not yet have version 3.12.


If your license starts with 101 (all licenses bought trough the now defunct you may need to register a new account on this website (top right corner) and link your license to that account from your profile.

Note: The title should of-course be ‘AdRotate Pro 3.12.2’.