AdRotate 3.13.4 – We’re skipping a few versions…

logo-512x512A few small bugfixes to improve support for HTML5 adverts. Also some small issues in Post Injection have been patched.
If you’re using Post Injection this update is highly recommended as it fixes the double displaying of adverts between paragraphs.


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  • [change] Disabled dynamic mode in groups for mobile users
  • [fix] HTML files not listed in Asset Folder dropdown
  • [fix] Post Injection not always working if using multiple groups
  • [fix] Post Injection showing too much adverts between paragraphs


Where are versions 3.13.2 and 3.13.3

They’re out there, but SVN decided to screw up SVN (where the files go on which broke the stable version 3.13.2. Unfortunately I had to redo the whole update. By the time I finally got the repository working again it was too late to fix AdRotate version 3.12.2 – So I went on and upped it to 3.13.3, just in case someone got a corrupt/incomplete version.

Version 3.13.3 turned out broken too as some files got somehow reverted to an older version. So now you’ll get version 3.13.4. Again, to weed out broken and corrupt downloads made in the hours that version 3.13.3 was available. What a clusterf*ck… ๐Ÿ™


My current workspace is down there somewhere. Right on Tabinay Beach ๐Ÿ™‚