AdRotate 3.15 – Better error checking

logo-512x512An all new error detection system with improved notifications. Better displaying of various statistics and overall some updates and bugfixes.

Error Detection

AdRotate has an all new error detection system that checks adverts, various features and provides more useful links and descriptions to fix those items. Over 12 error states can be detected in the plugins configuration on top of all the error states for adverts.

If something is wrong you’ll see a big banner along the top telling you what’s going on.


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  • [new] AdRotate error detection and status notifications
  • [new] Stats display for graphs now shows totals and CTR
  • [change] Updated bot filter keywords
  • [change] Reports display tweaks
  • [change] Impressions always tracked when using internal tracker
  • [fix] Advert evaluation cache not always accurate


Slums in Cebu

There’s a whole bunch of that in Cebu City. Stacks of houses that are falling apart. Whole neighbourhoods build from cardboard and plywood, commonly on top of piles of garbage. And yet, when you walk there – Most people seem cheery and helpful. Content in whatever they have.