AdRotate 5.7.1 Available now!

A small but important update for AdRotate, update today to benefit from these fixes. AdRotate 5.7.1 improves Borlabs Cache compatibility, fixes maintenance tasks and includes a number of tweaks to the code to make it work better.

A number of bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made. Exporting has been updated to work with AdRotate Pro 5.7.3. The format of the CSV files has changed a little bit. The exported file now shows which version of AdRotate the file is exported from. This should give you a bit better indication on compatibility. If you’re importing adverts to AdRotate Professional, beware; all previous exports do NOT work with current versions.

The update routine has been updated yet again. Buttons and banners have been tweaked and improved so the whole process is more easy to follow.

Changes for AdRotate 5.7.1

  • [fix] Better check for Borlabs Cache availability
  • [fix] Manual update and Background task reset button
  • [fix] More reliable trigger for database update script
  • [fix] Missing $wp_roles when deactivating the plugin
  • [change] Updated export advert script

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  1. Hello, how to update the plugin? I can’t even deactivate it from WP admin.

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