AdRotate 5.7 – Available now!

A few small updates and fixes and one vulnerability fixed. Also all tags for use in adverts now have a handy tooltip.
This explains what tag does what a bit better so you can more easily use them – Or know what they do.


In some situations privileged users could run a XSS query on groups to do bad stuff. This has been fixed.
Your data, files or content are not compromised but to be on the safe side you should update as soon as possible.

Update AdRotate regularly

Updating AdRotate Professional always is a good idea. Staying up-to-date with most plugins is usually a good thing. Updates are important for your websites security. But often they also add new or improve current features. Demonstrated by this very update.

So update at least a few times per year.

Changes for AdRotate version 5.7

  • [fix] Vulnerability related to groups
  • [fix] Asset sometimes gets deselected when editing adverts
  • [new] Tooltips for useful tags when editing adverts
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks