AdRotate 5.8.11 – Available now!

A quick update making uploading zipfiles a bit more secure. Uploading a zip file now removes any file that’s not expected or commonly part of an advert from the unzipped files.

WordPress compatibility

I’m trying to modernize a few things inside AdRotate, a first step is to streamline functions and perhaps even cut down on excess code. As a result WordPress 5.0 is now required as a minimum. If you have an older version of WordPress installed. Things may work, but are not tested and may issues may arise during use.

Update your WordPress version to 5.0 or newer to fix that.

Update regularly!

Staying up-to-date is important. Many plugins and themes are updated every day. Updates are important for your websites security. But often they also add new or improve features as well.
Updates are available via your dashboard and (usually) require no special skills to install, this makes it extremely easy to keep your site secure and have the latest features.

Changes in AdRotate 5.8.11

  • [tweak] Improved file placement for unzipped adverts
  • [new] Automatically remove unexpected files from unzipped adverts


2 thoughts on “AdRotate 5.8.11 – Available now!

  1. In my account, I can only download 5.8.6. Is this a different plugin from the AdRotate Professional?

    1. If you have AdRotate Pro then version 5.8.6 is the latest version.
      Updates are will be offered through your dashboard as they become available.

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