AdRotate 5.8.12 – Available now!

A quick update making better use of WordPress time features. This integrates AdRotate a bit better with common time related functions from WordPress and takes away a potential time notation issue between WP and the server.

WordPress compatibility

I’m trying to modernize a few things inside AdRotate, a first step is to streamline functions and perhaps even cut down on excess code. As a result WordPress 5.0 is now required as a minimum. If you have an older version of WordPress installed. Things may work, but are not tested and may issues may arise during use.

Update your WordPress version to 5.0 or newer to fix that.

Timely tweaks

I’m updating things in AdRotate to use more modern or efficient code. Part of that is to use (and rely) more WordPress functions. Recent changes in WordPress added the paranoid Site Health monitor which takes offence with AdRotate resetting the server time to GMT. Which is something WordPress does for it’s own as well. Why that is an issue for WP… I don’t know. But I have remedied that ‘conflict’ by using WordPress time functions a bit more.
In the past I avoided doing so because WP time is weird. But their newer and more modern functions seem to work a lot better.

Changes in AdRotate 5.8.12

  • [tweak] Rely more on WordPress time settings