AdRotate 5.8.13 – Available now!

A quick update to make sure AdRotate works on WordPress 5.6. Removes several outdated mentions for Google Analytics and makes enabling stats more impactful. Impressions are now only counted when statistics are enabled for that advert.

Change of stats

Using its internal tracker AdRotate, for the longest time, would count impressions regardless if stats were enabled or not. In this update that behavior changes to not count impressions, unless stats are enabled. And doing so of-course also enables click tracking for compatible adverts.

Internal tweaks

I’m continually updating things in AdRotate to use more modern or efficient code. Part of that is to use (and rely) more WordPress functions. These are not visible changes for you as a user but in the background tweaks are made to ensure and increase compatibility and reliability of the plugin.

Changes in AdRotate 5.8.13

  • [change] Removed mentions of Google Universal Tracker
  • [change] Only count impressions if stats are explicitly enabled