AdRotate – Updated translations

This update includes a bunch of corrections for the Dutch, French and Italian translations.

Bonjour! Buon Giorno! Goeiedag!

A couple of versions ago I started including several translations with AdRotate. While this is a step forward, finally, from a multi-lingual plugin perspective. I don’t speak those languages.
I common-sensed my way through the auto-translator and used Google Translate for a few things but for many sentences or words I don’t know if it’s actually the right translation.

So, if you notice a weird choice of words or just a wrong translation. Feel free to update the translation and send in your fixed copy via email. Alternatively you can email me with your comments on what to change, but keep in mind that I don’t speak the language. So you have to be specific.


Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager

  • [i18n] Updated Dutch translation
  • [i18n] Updated French translation
  • [i18n] Updated Italian translation