AdRotate 5.8.3 – General improvements!

This update includes some refinements for the dashboard. And adds Portable Adverts. An all new feature in AdRotate and AdRotate Professional.

Portable Adverts

What are Portable Adverts? This is a new feature in AdRotate to easily export and import single adverts from one AdRotate setup to another. This means that if you create an advert on one website, you don’t have to re-create it on all your other websites by hand.
Simply create one advert, copy it’s Advert Hash, which is a encoded string, into the other AdRotate installation and it sets up most of the advert with 2 clicks.

All settings except the schedule and group are included in the Advert Hash. This will save you a lot of set up time if you have multiple sites that run the same adverts. Of-course the CSV export method is still available as well.

Bonjour! Gutentag! Hola! Goeiedag!

A couple of versions ago I started including several translations with AdRotate. This is great, but my language skills are not so great.
I common-sensed my way through the auto-translator, but for many sentences or words I don’t know if it’s actually the right stuff. So, if you spot a weird choice of words or just wrong translations. Feel free to update the translation and send in your fixed copy via email. Thanks!

Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.3

  • [new] Configuration notifications when editing groups
  • [new] Portable adverts
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [fix] ‘Unexpected output’ notice on activation of the plugin
  • [i18n] Updated Dutch, French, German and Italian