AdRotate 5.8.4 – Security update

This update includes an important security fix for AdRotate. Update as soon as possible.

Security flaw

Last week Nguyen Anh Tien from a security firm emailed me that he had discovered a potential flaw in AdRotate.
Turns out that certain URLs passing variables can be exploited in one way or another.
These urls require admin access to use. There is currently no evidence or sign that the exploit has been used.
While the risk is low/medium. No risk is better. So update as soon as possible.

Update regularly!

This is why staying up-to-date is important. Staying up-to-date with your plugins is almost never a bad thing. Updates are important for your websites security. But often they also add new or improve features as well.
Updates are available via your dashboard and require no special skills to install, this makes it extremely easy to keep your site secure and have the latest features.

Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.4

  • [fix] Possible SQL injection vulnerability for certain urls