AdRotate 5.8.7 for WordPress – Available now!

A quick update updating and fixing the Dutch translation. A bunch of the sentences made little to no sense. And some mixed formal and casual nouns.


A few months ago AdRotate finally added support for several popular languages. Some others are occasionally provided and rarely updated by the community. By default AdRotate includes English (default), Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian.
I know Dutch and English. I know a tiny bit of French, Italian and some Spanish but I’m far from proficient with them. If you spot something weird with the translations, please let me know so I can improve the translation.

To report an issue with the translation simply mention the line and where in the plugin that line is and include the correct phrasing or grammar. A screenshot of the wrong line is very handy too, so I can easily find it.
Or, even better… If you know how to make translations yourself, send in the updated po/mo files.


Updates are, as always, important! WordPress 5.5 includes a new auto-update mechanic for plugins and themes. This makes it super easy for everyone to update and stay updated.

To enabled automatic updates simply click the associated link in the Plugins dashboard as pictured below.

If you do not want to enable automatic updates, then of-course it’s business as usual and you have to do it yourself, just like before.

Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.7

  • [i18n] Updated and rewritten Dutch translation to make more sense