AdRotate 5.8.8 for WordPress – Available now!

This update improves compatibility with modern WordPress 5.5 and up. Replacing a time function used throughout AdRotate with a native function from WordPress.

What’s the time?

Time is used everywhere, also in AdRotate. To schedule adverts, count clicks and impressions and in many other places. WordPress 5.5 changed a number of things for time notation and did away with timezone offset values AdRotate used. Depending on your settings that value does not always exist anymore, so now AdRotate uses the native WordPress function where applicable to get the current time.


Updates are, as always, important! WordPress 5.5 includes a new auto-update mechanic for plugins and themes. This makes it super easy for everyone to update and stay updated.

To enable automatic updates simply click the associated link in the Plugins dashboard as pictured below.

If you do not want to enable automatic updates, then of-course it’s business as usual and you have to do it yourself, just like before.

Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.8

  • [fix] Replaced adrotate_now() with current_time(‘timestamp’)


2 thoughts on “AdRotate 5.8.8 for WordPress – Available now!

  1. Dear Arnan,
    Downloaded the current version. Can I use it with Wordpress 4.9?
    Thanks for answer and best regards
    Stephan Schwardmann

    1. The minimum requirement for AdRotate (Pro) is WordPress 4.6.

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