AdRotate 5.8 – Available now!

In this update we revamp and re-do parts of the dashboard to make them more easy to use or give a more modern feel. As well as a bunch of under the hood changes. But more importantly. AdRotate is now available in 5 languages from the get-go.

Hello! Buenas Dias! Buongiorno! Bonjour and Goedemiddag!

AdRotate is now available in 5 languages from the start. This means that if your website is in French (fr_fr), Spanish (es_es), Italian (it_it) or Dutch (nl_nl) you can now expect the AdRotate dashboard to be in that language as well.

The big cave-at is that I used Microsoft translations to create the files. I know Dutch, so that’s mostly fine. I also know a few words French, German and Spanish… But not enough to have a proper conversation – And Italian, well… I can say ‘Pizza’ and ‘Roma’. So if you see words misused or weird grammar… Well, that’s Microsoft Translations for you.
Feel free to update the translation files and send me a better version. That’ll be much much appreciated.

A whole slew of old and outdated translations have been removed. Some only had a few translated strings in them. Others weren’t updated for 5 years. There really was no point in keeping them around. Of-course if you feel the need to create a new language for AdRotate I’ll be happy to include it in the next version.

Updated dashboards and other changes

I’ve gone over the whole plugin and removed most old debug code. This saved a few hundred lines of code I think.
Also I’ve optimized, or redone, the Maintenance dashboard. The options in there now make more sense and are easier to use.

In the background a bunch of checks have been added to help prevent confusion about AdRotate Professional vs. AdRotate.
And a check has been added that if you uninstall AdRotate while AdRotate Professional is active, it should no longer remove your stored adverts and stats.

Changes in AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8

  • [change] Maintenance dashboard optimised and reworded
  • [change] Removed old/unused debug code
  • [change] Compacted Javascript files
  • [new] Check if AdRotate Pro is installed
  • [new] Check if faulty adrotate plugin folders exist
  • [new] Skip uninstall procedure if AdRotate Pro is installed
  • [i18n] Added French translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Added Italian translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Added Dutch translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Added German translation using pre-translation
  • [i18n] Updated Spanish translation using pre-translation