AdRotate Banner Manager 5.10.1 – Available now!

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.10.1 fixes the logic for Post Injection like the 5.10.3 update for AdRotate Professional did. Several fixes are included to make Post Injection more useful and functional. As introduced in the previous update, AdRotate Banner Manager now supports Post Injection up to 20 paragraphs. And this now actually works too. yay!

The database updater has been fixed and now properly applies the update to the database. This should get rid of the annoying error on the Groups dashboard.

Several components of the dashbaord have been updated, texts and links and such as well as the AdRotate Pro page to better reflect the current features of AdRotate pro. And due to these changes all relevant strings in various translations have been updates and translated as well.
If you find any grammar errors or silly translations in that, please let me know. I use an auto-translator for most languages.

Changes in AdRotate 5.10.1

  • [fix] Dashboard error when adding new group
  • [fix] Blocks not working for Post Injection
  • [fix] Post Injection not always showing every advert
  • [fix] Post Injection sometimes selecting the wrong ads
  • [fix] Missing nonce value in maintenance link


Grab your update today, available through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard. Or if you do not have AdRotate Banner Manager or AdRotate Professional yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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