AdRotate Banner Manager 5.10.2 – Available now!

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.10.2 fixes the logic for Post Injection even more. If you have multiple groups injecting ads in the same categories or pages that should no longer cause missing adverts. To make it so in the new code I’ve added a sort of exclusion list.

Meanwhile someone reported an issue with uninstalling the plugin. This has been fixed too.

Changes in AdRotate 5.10.2

  • [fix] Post Injection multiple groups for ‘inside’ options
  • [fix] Post Injection no redundant looping through post_content
  • [fix] Faulty function call when uninstalling the plugin


Grab your update today, available through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard. Or if you do not have AdRotate Banner Manager or AdRotate Professional yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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