AdRotate Banner Manager 5.12.2 – Available now!

Another compatibility update where AdRotate Banner Manager 5.12.2 updates all translations and corrects a number of spelling and grammar errors in the dashboards.

If you find any weird quirks or nonsensical sentences, let me know. Please include what you found and what you think it should look like/read as and I’ll update the translations where necessary.

Several dashboard elements have been reworded and the readme has been updated and partly reworded.

Changes in AdRotate 5.12.2

  • [change] Dashboard updates
  • [change] Updated readme, WordPress compatibility
  • [i18n] Updated translations


Grab your update today, available through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download through my website. Or if you do not have AdRotate Banner Manager or AdRotate Professional yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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