AdRotate Banner Manager 5.12.4 – Available now!

This update is tested to work with the upcoming WordPress 6.3 and includes a bug fix for the update routine causing errors when completing the update. The update would success but a big fat error would tell you it wouldn’t. This works confusing and is misleading.

This issue was caused by a internal redirect in the update routine that should no happen. This is now fixed.

Choose to manage your own adverts

AdRotate Banner Manager lets you easily manage your own adverts but also works great with premade ads like you get from Google AdSense, Amazong Affiliates or other advertising networks. Whether you sell your own ad spaces to local businesses and get their banner or run a more automated setup. AdRotate easily handles it all.

Place your ad campaigns with easy to use Blocks, Widgets, Post Injection or Shortcodes with little to no knowledge of code.
Schedule the campaigns ahead and make it easy on yourself.
Read more about the pro’s and cons of using ad networks here – Use an advertising network or sell ad space yourself?

Changes in AdRotate 5.12.4

  • [fix] Wrong ‘update failed’ error when updating to version 5.12.3
  • [fix] No longer redirects to Settings page when update completes


Grab your update today, available through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download through my website. Or if you do not have AdRotate Banner Manager or AdRotate Professional yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.

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