AdRotate Banner Manager 5.5.1 – Available now!

A small update improving internationalisation a bit. Adding more translation files and better support for them. All translation files have been updated to include all current strings in the plugin.


AdRotate Banner Manager now, finally, includes a proper POT file for translations. All included po/mo files have been updated to reflect the current strings in the plugin.
If you’ve made a translation, you can email it to me to have it included in the next version of AdRotate!

Updating regularly is never a bad idea

Most of the time plugin updates are important for your websites security and to keep it current and fast. AdRotate Banner Manager is no exception. Allthough AdRotate has a pretty good track record in providing a safe experience. You still need to update to get those security fixes.

Updates are also important to get the latest features. AdRotate Banner Manager didn’t get all that many new features in the last 2 years or so. But features that are in the plugin already get improved all the time. From little tweaks to complete overhauls. It is therefor a good idea to update the plugin at-least a few times per year.

Changes for AdRotate Banner Manager 5.5.1

  • [i18n] Added several language mo files
  • [i18n] Renamed/converted en_US to proper pot file