AdRotate Banner Manager 5.6.2 – Available now!

This update also focuses on streamlining the AdRotate Banner Manager experience and reverses the recent date format change back to what it was.
This will make scheduling your adverts more intuitive across all locales and end-dates should save more reliable.

Scheduling and planning

AdRotate Banner Manager revolves around dates for a large part. I thought this was smart to follow someones suggestion to change the date format slightly. Turns out that it doesn’t work at all for non-english dates. A thing I didn’t account for. I tried to create a translation thingy so that if you enter a Swedish or German date (or whatever language) it would translate it to English and it would be fine. But that didn’t work out. So the only “real” solution was to go back to the previous system.

If end-dates end up wrong no matter what you enter, clear your browser cache so that the date picker script gets refreshed.

Got update?!

Updating AdRotate Banner Manager a good idea. Staying up-to-date with most plugins is never bad. Updates are important for your websites security. But often they also add new or improve current features.

Not updating may put your website at risk. Not only from hackers, but also to get behind on performance. For example, the most common issue I see when people complain that AdRotate slows their site down is that they use a 4-5 year old version of the plugin. Newer versions have seen many optimizations and improvements to stay fast. Everyone who didn’t update will not have those improvements.

So update at least a few times per year.

Changes for AdRotate Banner Manager 5.6.2

  • [reversal] Date format (dd-mm-yyyy) for date pickers
  • [new] Datepicker months can be numbers (01-12) or names (Jan-Dec)