AdRotate Banner Manager 5.8.23 – Security update!

This update fixes several low risk security flaws when saving adverts and groups and improves on early made changes in the plugin by better handling file uploads and translations.

Security is important

A low risk security flaw when using certain variables when creating adverts and groups has been fixed. Certain fields were not properly secured. This was not really an issue in the grand scheme of things. But an unsuspecting user could be negatively impacted by it. So make sure you update AdRotate as soon as possible.
AdRotate Pro will receive an update for this as well.

Dashboard tweaks

Continuing on updates earlier this year I’ve fixes and optimized several things in the dashboard. Including better handling of file uploads, rewording some error and status messages and similar items.
All translation files have been updated as well.

AdRotate Pro update

For AdRotate Pro an update is still being worked on and should be ready soon(ish). Several new features and many improvements and smaller tweaks to help managing adverts even easier and more intuitive.
You can check out the development here –

Update regularly!

Staying up-to-date with plugins is important and is almost never a bad thing. Updates are important for your website security. But more often updates also add new or improve features as well.
Updates are available via your dashboard and require no special knowledge to install, this makes it extremely easy to keep your site secure and have the latest features.

Changes in AdRotate 5.8.23

  • [fix] Replaced ‘adrotate-pro’ language strings with ‘adrotate’
  • [fix] Better validate uploaded files
  • [fix] Low risk security fixes for saving adverts and groups
  • [update] Borlabs cache code – Requires Borlabs Cache 1.6.5+
  • [update] Removed unused ‘save options’ button in Maintenance dashboard


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