AdRotate Free 3.11.3 Available now

logo-512x512Bugfixes, new update system and overall performance improvements.
This version introduces a new update system where you have to click “Upgrade now” if there is something to update beyond new files. This makes updates more reliable.


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  • [fix] Undefined notice for some setups when using Page Injection
  • [fix] Incorrect path for images on some setups
  • [fix] Max ads wrongly applied to Groups in block mode
  • [fix] Cleaned up irrelevant user roles
  • [change] No longer use ‘ORDER BY RAND()’ for groups
  • [change] Blocks can now have up to 32 rows
  • [new] More error notices for wrongly configured adverts
  • [new] Revised upgrade routine with manual trigger
  • [new] Revised installer routine better self-healing function
  • [i18n] Updated group settings descriptions and labels