AdRotate Free 3.14 – Available now!

logo-512x512A bunch of tweaks and improvements including sortable columns in the dashboard. The dynamic mode can now be turned off for mobile devices. In recent versions it was disabled without an option. This is of-course to maintain a working advert on smaller devices if you don’t use mobile adverts. Not every theme handles the fixed size very well. Depending on your theme this option then makes sense or not. Also the exporting of adverts didn’t always work. This has been fixed.


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  • [new] Option to disable dynamic mode on mobile devices
  • [new] Basic sortable columns for most dashboard tables
  • [fix] Exporting adverts not always working for some users
  • [change] Responsive feature is now deprecated
  • [i18n] Updated translation files


When not doing internet things

A little while ago I stumbled on a bunch of fishermen who were a few hands short reeling in their net. So I helped them pull the thing onto the beach. It was loaded with fish.