AdRotate Free 3.15.1

logo-512x512Some bugfixes making AdRotate stop nagging you about W3 Total Cache when it shouldn’t. Some undefined variables are now properly defined and all logos in banners are now shown correctly.


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  • [fix] Error about W3 Total Cache not being active while it is
  • [fix] Undefined variable output
  • [fix] Path to banner image (logo) in some notifications


Homeless and ignored

While being amazed how 6 lanes of traffic tries to squeeze onto a 2 lane road I also noticed something else… 2 kids laying about on the foot bridge over the road. 2 girls, one about 14 years old. The other 6 or 7 years young. Not a parent in sight and nobody cares for them. Some kids are sent out by their parents to make up an act of extreme poverty and ‘earn’ money that way. Some are for real. These looked real enough.


I briefly contemplated getting a bag of buns or something for them. Maybe a KFC meal. But what’s the point ๐Ÿ™ They’ll be hungry again tomorrow.