AdRotate Free 3.15.7- Bugfixes

logo-512x512 A small update with 2 important fixes. Dashboard notifications should now show up properly – I didn’t notice this before because of a stuck browser cache or something… Also creating adverts now works more reliably and schedules are properly assigned again.

Don’t forget the summer sale this week, details below!


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  • [fix] Editing empty adverts losing settings before saving
  • [fix] Dashboard notifications not formatted properly


Summersale 2016

We have a little sale going on this week. Benefit today!
Valid: August 22 through August 29, 2016 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: SUMMER2016
Discount: 20% on all plugins/licenses

We’re going down!

Yea, that’s my hotel burning… Back in March. Apparently someone knocked over a candle which set a 140 houses ablaze, including parts of the hotel I was staying in. One of the more scarier nights in recent times.