AdRotate Free 3.16

logo-512x512More reliable clicktracking for adverts with uppercase HTML in them, more reliable scheduling for background tasks and a whole lot of dashboard tweaks and cleanups. Also long overdue for updates were a few manuals. I have updated and rewritten about half of them. Adding the newer features or rewording stuff. Also a few older items are removed.


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  • [fix] Click tracking not always working if your HTML is in uppercase
  • [fix] Maintenance tasks not always properly set up
  • [change] AdRotate menu re-done and updated


AdRotate Services

A few weeks ago I’ve re-introduced AdRotate services. And bumped up the existing ones.
You can see all products and services on the pricing page.
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  • AdRotate Installation/Update
    For when you need help installing or updating the plugin.
  • HTML5 advert setup
    When you need help getting your HTML5 adverts to work.
  • AdRotate Setup
    When you want me to set up the first adverts and groups in your new AdRotate Setup


These services are useful when regular support is not enough or you simply do not want to deal with these kinds of things yourself.

Filipino Zoo

Here’s your average zoo in the Philippines. A muddy pool, dry leaves and a stack of crocodiles. I’ve been to a few animal parks and zoo’s, all of them were severely under funded and in poor condition ๐Ÿ™