AdRotate Free 3.17

Important update moving AdRotate to a more modern system for temporary data. Now using the Object Cache for stats and Transient API for tracker data.

This does away with several tasks for AdRotate, having WordPress deal with that in it’s highly optimised code. Making things faster.
Post Injection got fixed and some other improvements are made to make the plugin more reliable.


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  • [new] Usage of WP Object Cache for stats
  • [new] Moved tracker data to WP Transient API
  • [change] Stats now counted per hour instead of per day
  • [change] Updated Elycharts to v2.1.6
  • [fix] Post Injection not always in the right location for categories
  • [fix] Tracking hash split in the right values
  • [fix] Graph date labels showing through each other


Loading a digger

Who needs a ramp when you have tracks and an arm… Loading a digger Filipino style.