AdRotate Free 4.1 – Available now

Bugfix release and a bunch of tweaks. The deletion of tracker data should now finally work properly.

Statistics graphs

Graphs have been sowing inaccurate dates since a few versions ago. Data collection has not been affected and has been accurate. Due to some internal changes on how to display and store stats the graphs showed wrong dates and as such not always correct day-to-day stats. This has now been fixed and graphs will show correct dates after this update.


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  • Note: Graphs may show cluttered for previously collected stats.
  • [change] Stats now stored in daily increments again
  • [fix] Stats graphs now show more accurate dates/numbers for days
  • [fix] Close link for ‘upgrade to AdRotate Pro’ banner
  • [fix] Tracker data cleanup should now work


Jagged mountain range

While on a roadtrip earlier this month we found these crazy mountains on the other side of Mindoro.