AdRotate Free 4.12.2 – Maintenance update

A number of updates and tweaks to the dashboard to make the plugin work smoother.
All language files (po/mo) have been updated. Please update your i18n strings if you’re maintaining a translation.


Both AdRotate Pro and AdRotate Free are compatible with GDPR.
All you have to do is make sure you inform your audience what you’re doing and what’s going to happen when they access your website. You can read more on GDPR in this article – Are AdRotate Free and AdRotate Pro GDPR compatible?.

Changes for 4.12.2

  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [i18n] Updated translation files

Escape the rain

Rainy season is no joke, it’s not much fun either. Especially when driving a motorcycle and you’re on your way to somewhere.
These rain showers luckily could be avoided for the most part.