AdRotate Free 4.14 – Available now!

The first update of the year for AdRotate Free. Starting off with some updates to the dashboard and relevant links.
Earlier this month I revamped the whole website and a few things changed. This update implements those changes. New URLs and such.

Demo banners

The demo banners used to link to a separate domain. Recently I let this domain expire a bit prematurely as I didn’t use it and wasn’t planning on using it. Now someone bought the domain and put a fake website on it. Don’t let that fool you. And yes, my lawyer is looking into it.

The only place to get AdRotate Professional or any related service legitimately is on this website –

Blind Ferret Publishing Network

Did you already check out my new advertising partner? Blind Ferret is a pioneer in header big ads.

Since 2005 Blind Ferret has been spearheading technologies and advertising methods to make advertising more profitable for you! And they want to get in touch with you and help you increase your revenue in advertising.

Blind Ferret Publishing Network

Changes for version 4.14

  • [change] Updated demo banners
  • [change] Updated help tabs
  • [change] Updated action links

Changing cities

Another big change earlier this month is that I left the Philippines. I got tired of the country and mostly the people in it. Time for a new adventure. Currently I’m in Rome, Italy to get my bearings and I’ll see where I end up in a few months.