AdRotate Free 4.2 – Available now!

This update includes a number of fixes and dashboard improvements. Also the banners and reports folder can be moved more easily. The pathing and such is more compatible with WordPress now.

An Indonesian translation has been kindly provided, which will please the Indonesian userbase.


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  • [change] More portable inclusion method for files
  • [change] Banners folder can now be moved more easily
  • [change] Reports folder can now be moved more easily
  • [fix] Number of expired adverts showing correctly on info page
  • [fix] Variable missing for disabled adverts
  • [i18n] Added Indonesian Translation


Non-conforming tourist

Tourists go right, so I go left. And I end up in the most beautiful, desolate places. Go where tourists don’t go. That’s much more fun. I do get lost a lot though…

2 thoughts on “AdRotate Free 4.2 – Available now!

  1. I´m thinking of buying adrotate but only if I have the possibility of Geo Targeting for Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Is it available for these countries?

    1. You can use Geo Targeting anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that developed countries like Spain are better covered than areas like Africa.

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