AdRotate Free 5.1.4 – Available now!

An update for performance and stability. The dashboard got updated in a bunch of locations to use links to my site more efficiently – Some pages have been moved and updated. This update removes a lot of unnecessary redirects.

A few texts have been reworded or rewritten to be more clear. The discount banner for upgrading to AdRotate Pro has been updated, too.

Over the last few days my website, this website, has been updated to be more in line with a regular webshop kind of experience. A few product pages have been moved or deleted to make room for actual WooCommerce product pages. This shold make for a little more smooth experience when buying a plugin or service.


In recent updates an all new Support Dashboard has been added to AdRotate Free. Here you’ll find links to the forums and additional services you may want to use.
On top of that, you can also still join the AJdG Solutions WordPress Help group if you like, this is a more general group aimed at everything WordPress. So if you have questions about other plugins, themes or WordPress itself – You can get an answer there. And of-course all your AdRotate related questions are welcome there too! Join the group on Facebook here!

This is a growing group, we’ve surpassed 50 members this week. And you’re encouraged to join as well. The goal is to create an active group for WordPress enthusiasts and admins alike.

Changes for AdRotate Free 5.1.4

  • [update] Dashboard updates
  • [update] Various links to my site