AdRotate Free 5.2 – Now available!

AdRotate now fully supports and encourages the use of the new(ish) translation system offered by WordPress. This means no more po and mo files and going back and forth with those files. You can translate directly on the WordPress website now. If you want to help with this, take a look at the translation section for AdRotate here:

Changes on my website

Another thing that has changed is this website. A few pages have been moved or merged into the store part of the site. This means that there is less double content on the site. And there is a more pronounced difference between AdRotate Professional licenses.

I’ve also added better descriptions for the various Professional Services I offer for AdRotate and AdRotate Pro.
Take a look here:
If you spot any quirks or broken links, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Changes for AdRotate Free 5.2

  • [i18n] Now supports WP Language Packs
  • [i18n] po/mo files removed from AdRotate
  • [change] Now requires WordPress 4.6 or newer
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks