AdRotate Free 5.4 – Update today!

Another small update with some edits and tweaks for the dashboard and some other things that happen in the background. AdRotate now uses WordPress’ its built in mobile detection instead of the more bulky Mobile Detect. A lot of old code has been removed from features that have long been removed or replaced.

Help Translate

We’re still looking to internationalize AdRotate a bit more. If you’re fluent in English and another language, please consider helping with translating AdRotate to that language by contributing some words or phrases. Adding a few lines or words takes only a few minutes. But adding a full translation is of-course even more awesome.

Check out the translation system here: Also if you set your website to a language other than US English, a banner may appear in your AdRotate dashboard asking you to translate a few words.

Changes for AdRotate Free 5.4.1

  • [fix] Properly removed ‘paid’ status from the plugin when creating adverts

Changes for AdRotate Free 5.4

  • [change] Now uses wp_is_mobile instead of Mobile Detect
  • [change] Updated Settings Dashboards
  • [removed] Obsolete “Responsive Advert” code and database column