AdRotate Free v5.0 – Polish and shine

This update brings many small improvements and updates to the dashboard. A few minor improvements to the underlying code. But mainly visuals. Over time the dashboard got a bit out of balance and looked untidy in a few places. This has all been fixed and updated.

Not immediately noticeable for many people but a lot of little irritation points have been ironed out and the plugin looks much better now. I’m still working on some new features but haven’t really decided where in AdRotate (Pro) they belong, if at all.

If you find quirks with the dashboard, anything at all, let me know.

Advertising partners

I’m currently partnered with and Blind Ferret and thought it would be a good idea to team up with a few more to bring even more variety to your adverts if you so choose. Check out the dashboard in AdRotate and AdRotate Pro to see what they have to offer, or take a look at the new Advertising Partners Page here on the site.

I reached out to publishing platforms and became thoroughly frustrated with that industry as a whole. I’ve reached out to a handful of publishing networks hoing that at-least some would be interested to work with me and be on board for an affiliate or partnership in some shape or form. boy was I wrong.

So, here we are with no new publishing networks, still. I’m still on the lookout for new advertising partners. Companies other than Google AdSense. If you know of a good company, maybe one you’ve worked with and want to recommend. Let me know via the contact page. Thanks!

Changes in version 5.0

  • [new] Advertising Partners dashboard
  • [update] Better localized dates for stats
  • [update] Dashboard formatting and layout