AdRotate Free version 5.1 – Available now

An update for performance and stability. CSS for the header is no longer generated on pageload, but when you save your group. This should speed things up a little.
Graphs for stats now render correctly and a number of other tweaks to the dashboard have been made.

At the request of a number of users the transition for rotating adverts in Dynamic Groups has been changed to a fading effect. Please let me know what you think of that and if it’s too slow or fast.

The Advert Generator has been redesigned and optimised to create smarter and more complete code. AdRotate now detects the size of your banner image and adds the appropriate attributes to the code. The HTML5/Flash option has been removed as this proved to be pretty much useless, you don’t need the generator for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lastly all translation files have been updated to include the latest strings and phrases.


An all new Support Dashboard has been added to AdRotate Free. Here you’ll find links to the forums and additional services you may want to use.
On top of that, you can also join the AJdG Solutions WordPress Help group if you like, this is a more general group aimed at everything WordPress. So if you have other questions, about other plugins, themes or WordPress itself – You can get an answer there. Join the group on Facebook here!

This is a new group, with few members as of yet. But join anyway – The goal is to create an active group for WordPress enthusiasts and admins alike.

Changes for AdRotate Free 5.1

  • [new] Support Dashboard
  • [new] Facebook Support Group widget
  • [update] No longer render dynamic CSS for groups on pageload
  • [update] Menu labels
  • [update] 150ms fading effect for adverts in dynamic groups
  • [fix] Graphs showing wrong date ranges for some users
  • [i18n] Updated all translation files