AdRotate Geo for AdRotate Pro updated

AdRotate Geo Service just a new database. Up-to-date everything. New IP ranges, improved accuracy and all the latest Geo information you’ll need to get your adverts to the right audience. Periodic updates of AdRotate Geo are necessary to keep things accurate and fast.


AdRotate Geo almost never uses the latest data, so over time the accuracy erodes a bit. 2 or 3 times a year the database gets refreshed with the latest data which fixes that. As you may know AdRotate Geo uses MaxMinds GeoLITE2 databases. Which are pretty good. They’re also pretty big. So updating them is a bit of a hassle.
Anyway, as of today they are up-to-date again.

New data should trickle in as your caches and session data expires over the next few days. You can expect to see an improvement in accuracy within a few days.

What is AdRotate Geo

If you use AdRotate Pro you probably know what AdRotate Geo is. This is my self-hosted, or custom built, geo targeting service. Not everyone wants to or can afford external geo targeting services. So I’ve made my own. This is super useful if you want to target certain areas in the world like a city, state or country with your adverts.

Access to AdRotate Geo is included with your license for AdRotate Pro and you can easily enable it from your dashboard through Settings > Geo Targeting.

Geo Targeting is a useful tool for targeted adverts. If you’re selling or promoting something to people living in New York. It usually makes no sense to show that advert to someone in Tokyo. So to fix that you use Geo Targeting. Likewise if you have a product that applies to Spanish speaking people. Other languages probably don’t need to see that. So you can use Geo Targeting to target Spanish speaking countries.


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