AdRotate Geo service updates

The AdRotate Geo Service got updated again. This time we try to tackle sites who slow down the server too much by just being slow. This kind of slowness is usually caused by crap hosting packages. You know, all those $1 hosting setups. Or people who have outgrown their shared hosting but won’t admit it…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been flooded with monitoring messages that the overall state of AdRotate Geo is deteriorating quickly. Some investigation turns out that (currently) 14 websites can not respond quick enough to handle the AdRotate Geo response.

This basically means that those websites process the AdRotate Geo response too slow, causing other sites to slow down as well. As a result of the slowdowns I’ve put the following rule in place.
If your site is slower than 750ms you’ll be denied access to AdRotate Geo for 2 days. If this happens you’ll receive a email notification.


To the affected sites – You know who you are, you all got notified via email. You’re banned for up-to 7 days. Depending on if I caught you myself, or if my server did. You can use AdRotate Geo again after this period. But you’ll be promptly banned again if your site keeps slowing things down.

There will be no exceptions. If you disagree with this policy you’re free to use one of the other Geo services offered via AdRotate Pro.

I have automated this monitoring as I do most things related to the API. This should keep things fast and prompt without having to monitor things 24/7 myself.

Unauthorised usage

Next to the slowdowns, over the last 2 or 3 months I’ve been countering illegal use of the AdRotate Geo service continually on pretty much a daily basis. This seems to hold up pretty well. Requests have gone down from almost a million per day to anything between 200000 and 300k. These remaining requests are validated and real requests. Everything else was unauthorised or simply invalid. Kinda like a ddos attack on a smaller scale.

If you think your site got banned wrongly by AdRotate Geo, get in touch via the contact form.