AdRotate Pro 3.12.4 – General improvements.

Some further improvements for Geo Targeting and general improvements. Based on some user feedback I have re-done some of the database indexes aimed at making stats faster.


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  • [fix] Query error when cleaning database manually
  • [fix] Stats exports not working on certain versions of PHP
  • [fix] Adblock nag countdown not saving
  • [fix] ‘Strict standards’ error when uploading a file on some systems
  • [fix] Geo Targeting better filtering for locations with capitals
  • [fix] Self-repairing database function now actually works
  • [tweak] Geo Lookups no longer leading in Geo Service availability
  • [tweak] Geo Targeting warning emails removed
  • [tweak] Load max. 20 ads for a dynamic group
  • [tweak] Impression counting excluded from popular caching plugins
  • [tweak] Click counting excluded from popular caching plugins
  • [change] GeoBytes no longer supported for Geo Targeting
  • [change] Upgrade script cleaned up
  • [change] Removed unnecessary indexes from database
  • [change] Removed obsolete ‘block’ columns from database
  • [change] Improved INT() unsigned datatypes in MySQL



If you have version 3.12 or newer already you’ll get the update via your dashboard.
If you have an older version you may have to update manually because your version looks at an older API which is no longer online. More information here.